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Vision for Rural Opportunity Centers

Educate Tanzania is committed to the intentions and education of the people in Karagwe, Tanzania and its surrounding area. Since its inception in 2010, Educate Tanzania has partnered with Rev Dr. Benson Bagonza and other leaders in Karagwe to help them bring Karagwe University College to life. On 1000 acres, the college opened in Fall, 2018 and teaches students new methods of farming and agriculture-related business. Next steps focus on development of Rural Opportunity Centers (ROCs) so graduates can return to their communities and start or grow a business after KARUCO. ROCs focus on markets, food processing, farm implement rentals, an education center and more. 

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Annual Report
Interested in how Educate Tanzania is doing in our mission to partner with other effective organizations globally to bring water, food, health and education to Tanzania? Download our annual report by clicking here.