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COVID-19: ETI First Responders

When the world first became aware of COVID-19 in early 2020, Educate Tanzania, Inc (ETI) and her local partner, the Karagwe Diocese (KAD) mobilized immediately to respond. Thanks to ETI Donors, we were able to provide $110,000 to help meet the urgent need to stem COVID-19 in Northwest Tanzania. ETI Donors funded:

  1. Respirators, Ventilators, Thermometers and PPE to help hospital staff and dispensaries with protection, prevention and treatment of COVID-19;
  2. Hand-washing Stations, hygiene stations, soap, disinfectant, and masks for the 272 congregations to prevent and slow the transmission of COVID-19;
  3. Health Education via radio and television to train rural communities;
  4. An Advanced Care Wing of the Hospital to treat those with COVID-19;
  5. Food and Water to those in quarantine due to COVID-19.

Man at sewing machine

Barnabas in Minnesota connected with vocational educators in Tanzania

Importantly, ETI also coordinated a team from the U.S. and Tanzania to translate instructions from English to Swahili and sew CDC-approved masks at the Nkwenda Vocation and Farmer Training Center. This initiative resulted in production of over 100,000 cloth masks to help protect the people of Karagwe.

Lives Were Saved

While ETI continued its regular work, we also sought outside funds to help our partners save lives in NW Tanzania. Tanzania is one of just two countries in the world that did not report cases and deaths from COVID-19, and therefore, could not determine the impact of the pandemic on her citizens. It’s not surprising however, that anecdotal evidence pointed to increased sickness and death, and showed that the people of Tanzania were at a severe disadvantage with no tracking of COVID cases, limited medicine and equipment and substandard resources to treat those with symptoms. Recently, the political climate in Tanzania changed and there is renewed commitment to address the pandemic. It is ETI’s hope that with this renewed concern, will come adequate PPE, equipment, treatments and vaccines for the people of Tanzania.

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