Christel Ngani

Christel Ngani

Digital Media Administrator, Educate Tanzania Inc (ETI)

Software Engineer, Wells Fargo Bank


Christel is a hard working, self-proclaimed geek with a special knack for all things IT. From Cameroon (Africa) to Minneapolis (USA), he has worked in a variety of companies and gained experience in a multitude of programming languages.

Outside of work, he tinkers with electronics and is a go-to Mr. Fix-it. When Christel is not in front of a computer, he can be found at the hardware store picking up supplies for his next home improvement project or on a long bike ride around the Twin Cities. His friends would describe him as: intuitive, introverted, diligent, loyal, and family-oriented. Christel is a leader within his community and is a true role model for everyone he encounters.


Christel holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Saint Thomas and is currently employed as a Software Engineer at Wells Fargo Bank in Minneapolis. He lives with his wife and kids in the city of Maple Grove, a suburb in the great state of Minnesota.

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