EARTH University Celebrates 25 Years

EARTH University Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

ETI congratulates its partner – EARTH University, Costa Rica.  What EARTH has done to change the developing world is inspiring.  Its lofty mission? To prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute to sustainable development and construct a prosperous and just society.  And EARTH has been successful in carrying out that mission as it is a powerful catalyst for transformation in developing countries.  At EARTH, students learn new technologies and bring ethical values into an agribusiness of their own that they design at EARTH.  EARTH helped ETI design the KARUCO curriculum – where students “don’t just study business, they run one”.  Upon graduation, they then carry what they have learned back into their own developing communities.

ETI Partner

EARTH University is a proven world-class model and partner. ETI invited EARTH into partnership because of the similarity of the organizations’ missions and practices. ETI visited EARTH in 2012 and was impressed with the model of learning, ethical practices, and genuine love for students and each other.

Congratulations EARTH University!  

Presidents: EARTH & ETI

EARTH President, Jose Zaglul

ETI President, Jan B. Hansen

We look forward to the next 25 with you.


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President/CEO - Educate Tanzania. While serving as an advisor in Tanzania in 2008, she learned about plans for a university and wanted to help. In 2010, she resigned her tenured position from the University of St. Thomas to devote herself to building Karagwe University College in Tanzania. Since then Hansen has led efforts to ‘bring education, water and health to the neediest part of the world.' Hansen has received numerous awards for her work and has published over 50 articles and 2 books. She serves on editorial and advisory boards and has led educational initiatives in the United States, Australia, Puerto Rico, and Africa. Raised on a farm herself, Jan feels called to help open doors for the women and men in Karagwe just as doors were opened for her.

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