April 2019

The Gala is Nearing

JOIN US! ETI GALA 2019 Back by popular demand – it’s the ETI Gala 2019! Join us for Social Hour (6PM) followed by the Dinner and Program (7PM). You’ll get a great meal, program, entertaining updates and of course, an invite to be pa
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Agriculture in Tanzania

It is critical to understand agriculture in Tanzania in order to understand development efforts. The following has been extracted from Wikipedia and is available at . Agriculture is the main part of Tanzania’s economy. As of
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KAD’s First Tractor!

THINK WHAT ONE TRACTOR CAN DO Farming without a tractor? Difficult to imagine. But in Karagwe, it’s difficult to imagine farming with one. ETI and Partners envision a mechanized tomorrow for Karagwe’s farmers, so ETI donors helped fund KAD’s first tractor and plow. K
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Why Do I Care?

Let’s listen in while Charlene Saley – ETI Supporter – tells why she cares. Char is a math teacher in northern Minnesota and was inspired by the ETI story. She traveled with nine others to Tanzania in 2017 and witnessed first-hand the inauguration of Karagwe Universi
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