February 2019

ETI GALA – May 31st

Join us on May 31st for the ETI Gala: Building a Dream. Hear all about the students at KARUCO and the Rural Opportunity Centers. Sign up now for the EARLY BIRD ticket price! Join us!  
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KARAGWE 2019 SUMMARY REPORT – ETI / KAD ANNUAL SUMMIT January 27 – Feb 3, 2019 Introduction I have been back for one week and am busy with follow up and TO DO items from the ETI/KAD Summit. The Karagwe 2019 Trip is well described as friendly, intense and productive. The two 8-hour fli
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The flight from Kigali to Entebbe to Amsterdam went well. Now.. just one more flight and I am home. Arrived MSP. Home! What an amazing trip. So much accomplished; so much to look forward to. But I’m glad to be back in Minnesota in spite of the post-polar-vortex conditions. Thank
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KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 9

SAYING GOODBYE TO KARAGWE Bruce and I left Karagwe after settling up bills, emotional goodbyes and some last minute photos. Jan and Accurate, Karagwe Hotel Manager Bishop Bagonza took his personal time to accompany Bruce and I to Kigali. Bishop is a spiritual leader who is recognized
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KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 8

A DAY IN KARAGWE It has been an intense trip, full of connection, envisioning, planning, and refining. Our team is “on” all the time. Eight days “on” with a lengthy list of “To Do” items upon return brings us to a place of contentment with spark for the future. Our hope is to improve
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KARAGWE 2019 – DAY 7

The day started with a post from one of my sons who lives in St Paul. The timing of this ETI trip to Africa has rewards of all kinds. Elgoodness (engineer) and Dastin (driver) joined us for morning breakfast, then took Bruce on a mission to see traditional Tanzanian architecture and a
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