January 2018

On Board for Tanzania

Bruce Engel of BURO Engel Architects and Jan HANSEN of ETI are boarded and ready to head to (Kigali) Entebbe. We seemingly have a plane to ourselves. Excited to get to Tanzania!
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Heading to Karagwe

ETI is headed to Karagwe for its first 2018 visit and the first visit after the October KARUCO Dedication and Inauguration. Jan Hansen, President/CEO, heads to Karagwe on Thursday, January 25th and returns early February. Our goals are to: 1. bask in the glow of the wondrous and inspi
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On this day that honors the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Educate Tanzania, Inc. stands in unity with our Tanzanian partners, prizing Tanzania, the history, the rich culture and the hospitality and grace of the people. Our organization has been honored and inspired to be in partne
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Forward Into 2018

The recap of 2017 reminds all at ETI of how far we’ve come! The year’s highlights? Here they are: TOP EVENT: KARUCO was dedicated and inaugurated on October 29, 2017! Ten from Team ETI participated and were among the thousands celebrating! Thousands of people from Karagwe
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What a Year 2018 Will Be!

It’s hard to top our 2017 with the dedication of KARUCO but ETI is headed into even more excitement in 2018. Karagwe Tanzania is experiencing economic growth and prosperity, increased personal wealth for families, increased empowerment for women, community growth and social change as
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